Introducing Solid Foods to Your Baby

According to experts, the best time to start feeding your baby solids is when he’s four to six months old. By doing so, some claim that it helps increase the weight of your baby and make him sleep better at night. However, some experts also argue that a baby’s immature digestive system should not be taken for granted and mothers should be careful … [Read more...]

Baby Nursery Checklist

Preparing for the arrival of your baby can really be exciting especially if you are a first time mum. Below are some of the essential items you’ll need to prepare before the arrival of your baby. If you still don’t know the gender of your baby, it’s better if you just buy gender specific necessities after giving birth. Sleeping … [Read more...]

Comfort And Savings: The Unbeatable Advantages Of Using Washable Breast Pads

Mothers are keen on using only the best quality products for their babies to use. From the texture of the clothing that will come into contact with the baby's sensitive skin to the hypoallergenic substances found in soaps and bath products, mothers cast a scrutinising eye over every item to ensure that their child will become healthier and safer … [Read more...]

Why Bamboo Breast Pads Are The Best Choice For Breastfeeding Mums

Motherhood brings to mind a number of pleasant experiences. Any new or experienced mum would surely appreciate and treasure the moments when they cuddle their sleeping baby close and breathe in the clean smells of cotton and soap, the times when the baby grips its mother's finger in its tiny hands with all the strength a tiny baby can muster, or … [Read more...]

Is it safe to breastfeed after you have had a drink or two?

Below are some of the things you need to know about breastfeeding and alcohol consumption. When you consume alcohol, it takes about 30-60 minutes for it to reach your breastmilk. The level of alcohol in your breastmilk and blood is the same. If you have 0.07 blood alcohol level then it’s the same with your breastmilk. It takes at least two … [Read more...]

Learning Breastfeeding Basics: Using Breast Pads To Manage Leaks

For many expectant mothers, the anticipation for the act of breastfeeding their newborn can be just as strong as their desire to finally see and hold the baby in their arms. Having the ability to provide the only food that a newborn baby will need can be a source of pride for mothers; the knowledge that their own bodies are strong enough and fully … [Read more...]

Dealing with Baby Blues

Are you feeling moody, anxious and finding it difficult to sleep a few days after giving birth? If yes, then perhaps you have the "baby blues". According to doctors, baby blues refers to the mood swings, tearfulness and anxiety of new mums. While some mums do not experience this, some do and it is said to be associated with the stress of late … [Read more...]

How to Cure Your Morning Sickness

Unfortunately many pregnant women will experience some form of morning sickness during the first trimester. It can be just feeling nauseous as you step out of bed, to feeling sick and sometimes being sick all day long. For myself it was the later and unfortunately lasted longer than the first term. However this is out of the ordinary and for most … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding and returning to work

Most mothers can still successfully breastfeed when they return to work. As our workplace environment changes more and more companies are understanding the importance of family responsibilities and thus include this in their workplace policies. Though legislation states that no employer should discriminate against individuals with family … [Read more...]

Baby Shower Gifts

Most people when they have their first baby will more than likely have a baby shower. If you have never been to one before or don’t have kids yourself it can be difficult in choosing what to buy. There are the fail safe essentials that every new mum will need, plus a few that mum to be may not have thought of yet. Here are a few suggestions to … [Read more...]