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Breastfeeding After A Caesarian Delivery

Can you breastfeed after undergoing a c-section? Yes, of course! Breastfeeding does not have anything to do with how you delivered your child.

Babies are most of the time alert if they’re delivered through elective caesarean. But if a baby was born via emergency caesarean, the result may be more stressful for both mum and infant.

After Giving Birth

Make sure that you ask your doctor or pediatrician about breastfeeding your child right away.

Don’t let your baby be handled by others too much. There are some hospitals that allow you to have contact with your baby while you are still in the operating room. When the pediatrician is confident about the baby’s health and condition, your baby will then be placed on your chest while the obstetrician stitches you up. Breastfeeding can start as soon as the baby’s ┬áplaced on your chest. Cherish this moment, welcome to motherhood. Don’t mind the anaesthesia you had since it really won’t affect with your breastfeeding.


Some people say that breastmilk doesn’t usually come right away if a mother has undergone a caesarean. Lactation starts after the placenta has been removed. Though some babies may take a bit longer to get their birth weight back, it isn’t significant at all and will not have any repercussions.

How you position your baby when breastfeeding is very critical if you want to prevent sore nipples. Ensure that your baby’s body is close enough, his chest on yours, his chin on your breast and his nose away.

We understand that after undergoing a c-section you may just want to rest and may not feel up to feeding your baby overnight. But keep in mind that it is essential for your baby to get your colostrum and to start learning to breastfeed. By feeding him nightly, you prevent your breast from engorgement and you improve your milk flow.

When not to breastfeed

Not all mothers who have undergone caesarean can breastfeed right away. Some babies need to be placed in a humidicrib to stabilise their conditions. If you are told to suspend breastfeeding, the best thing you can do is to establish your colostrum. Colostrum can be regarded as a super milk since it has more protein and immunity elements than mature breastmilk. It also acts as a laxative to help your baby in his bowel movement.

In Summary

It’s not true that women who have undergone a cesarean cannot breastfeed. If you are not yet sure and still need some extra push, contact Australian Breastfeeding Association and they will be very glad to help you get past your anxieties about breastfeeding after a caesarean.