Washable Bamboo Breast Pads by Bambooby Buddies

About Bambooby Buddies

Try our Bamboo Breast Pads, they are incredibly soft and absorbent and will help make your breastfeeding journey an extremely enjoyable one. You will never use disposable breast pads again!!

As someone who struggled with breastfeeding my first child, I think that it is important to have products that help you through the process and hopefully my breast pads will do that for you.

I decided to give washable breast pads a try after the birth of my son. I was sick of disposable breast pads. They were uncomfortable and kept on sticking to me, and I thought there must be a better option. After doing some research I decided to use bamboo fabric. The fabric is lovely and soft and very absorbent, plus it is good for the environment. Bamboo fabric also has antibacterial qualities, which is maintained through multiple washes, which helps to reduce bacteria and unpleasant odours.

All my breast pads are machine washable and can be simply added into your normal load.

The other bonus about bamboo breast pads is that they will save you money. We offer our starter pack for $39.95 compared to around $6 for a pack of disposable which you have to keep paying each time you run out! I think it is easy to see that washable breast pads will save you money in the long run.

To keep them looking fun and girly I have added a 100% cotton outer in some lovely fabrics, but if this isn’t for you they also come in plain white.

They come in a daytime and nighttime versions. Daytime is for light leakage and is quite thin, while the nighttime pads are larger and thicker for when you need a bit more coverage, mainly at night or during the first few weeks while establishing your supply.