Wakeful Babies – Should you worry?

Are you worried if your baby is sleeping well? Don't feel guilty or be worried if your baby is not sleeping well because according to studies, wakefulness is a normal survival mechanism of babies to make sure they are getting enough food to grow. The sleep patterns of your baby change as they grow from a newborn baby to a toddler. Sleeping … [Read more...]

How Breastfeeding Protects Your Baby From Pollutants

If you are worried about how environmental pollutants affect breastfeeding, then this article is for you! How exactly are the pollutants tested? There are several ways to determine the levels of pollutants in our human body. Doctors can examine urine, blood, hair, and surprisingly, breastmilk.  Any substances that can be found in breastmilk … [Read more...]

Knowing When Your Baby is Hungry

Why does your baby cry? It may be because he is simply hungry. In the early weeks it is perfectly normal for babies to be fed every two to three hours. So if your baby hasn't been fed for nearly 4 hours then it's just natural for him to cry and ask for it. Babies regulate and digest the composition of your milk through sucking and by how often … [Read more...]

Getting Sick While Breastfeeding

Should you stop breastfeeding if you are sick? The answer is no. According to experts, it’s better to breastfeed your baby even if you are sick than not to breastfeed him at all. A small amount of drug won’t be hazardous to your baby. Actually what’s harmful is if you stop breastfeeding for days just because you are sick. Breastfeeding interruption … [Read more...]

Treatments for Breastfeeding Problems

Are you having some breastfeeding issues? If yes, then this article will help you find out what treatments are available for some breastfeeding problems. Engorgement Engorgement can be prevented by making sure that your baby latches on well and is drinking well from the beginning.  But in case your breasts become engorged, wait for 2-3 days … [Read more...]

Why Your Baby Bites When Breastfeeding

While biting can be a bit of a problem for some mothers, some mums don't experience this at all. When you are breastfeeding correctly and correctly positioned, he won't be able to bite since his tongue is over his gum and teeth. However, if your baby is not actively feeding then expect him to bite a little. Biting usually occurs at the start of … [Read more...]

Preparing for Breastfeeding

Your body goes through a lot of changes when you are pregnant. By the time you are almost ready to give birth, your breasts may already have colostrum which is also known as your pre-milk which your baby needs in the first few days. Below are some things you can do to ensure you are ready for breastfeeding. Prepare Your Nipples The key to … [Read more...]

Storing and Expressing Breastmilk

There may be a number of times that you might need to express and store your breast milk. The reasons could include: If your baby is premature or cannot suck well. If your baby is in the hospital and you can't be there for each feed If you're hospitalised and your baby can't be with you for each feed. If you're returning back to work, … [Read more...]

Things to Do Before Your Baby Arrives

Once your baby’s born, your first few weeks with them will be exhausting but definitely magical. If you want to make things a little bit easier for you as a new mum, below are some things you need to do before you bring your newborn home. You need to stock up. Your baby will most likely use 10 nappies a day and the last thing you want is … [Read more...]

Colouring Your Hair During Pregnancy

Since there are very few studies that provide a clear answer as to the safety of colouring your hair during pregnancy, the general consensus is that only a small amount of colouring hair products won't harm your baby. Many pregnant women who want to colour their hair also take comfort in the fact that many have coloured their hair during pregnancy … [Read more...]