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Increasing Your Milk Supply

Babies need to be nourished, comforted, and reassured. But how can you do this if you seem to have an insufficient supply of milk? Below are some ideas to help you increase your supply.

It goes without saying that everything your baby needs to grow and be healthy is in your breast milk. Breast milk is the best food for your baby for the first six months of their life. If you work together with your baby hopefully you can successfully increase your supply and breastfeed for many months to come..

Suggestions for increasing your milk supply.

  1. The quickest and best way to increase your milk supply is by breastfeeding your baby more frequently. Try to breastfeed your baby every two or three hours within the day, for a  few days and see if it boosts your supply. Alternatively offer top up feeds between your normal feed times.
  1. Allow your baby to finish the first breast before changing to the second breast. Let your baby drink until your breast is drained and until he gets all the kilojoule rich milk.
  1. If you feel like your baby’s sucking is becoming less vigorous then a tip would be switch sides several times. According to some mothers, switching sides motivates your baby to suck more strongly thus stimulating a good let-down of milk.
  1. You can also massage your breast towards your nipple as your baby is feeding. Just ensure that you do not disturb the nipple being used by your baby.
  1. Relax when feeding your baby. Remove distractions and settle with your baby in a quiet room. Read a book while he is feeding or watch the TV.
  1. Babies decide how long they want to suck for even if your breast has been emptied. This is fine. Remember that babies sucking and stimulating is what makes more milk!

In summary

Make sure to:

  • Feed your baby more often than necessary.
  • Make sure your baby is well positioned.
  • Allow your baby to decide how long he wants to feed for.
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