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Selecting the Best Breastfeeding Bra

There are several types of maternity bras you can use but it can be a bit confusing which one to buy.  This article should be able to help you decide which nursing bra is best for you.

Maternity Bra Fitting

Fitting for a maternity bra differs from woman to woman. Your breasts will begin lactate in the early stages of pregnancy and you are expected to outgrow your usual bra size. Most changes to your breast will occur during your 4th month of pregnancy and for most women; this is the perfect time to be fitted.

Is it advisable to wear an underwire?

Unfortunately underwire bras are not recommended for breastfeeding mothers. The reason for this is, underwire bras may put pressure on the breast which may lead to blocked milk ducts or mastitis. Instead of considering underwires, it’s better to just opt for a flexible low-gauge wire support since it’s made to accommodate the changing shape of your breasts.

When trying on different maternity bras, it’s important that you open and close the bra cup. Some bras are manageable compared to others. You might want to look for breastfeeding bras where the entire cup can be folded. You might also want to consider centre front and shoulder clasp styles bra.

Do I wear a bra to bed?

It depends on you if you want to wear a bra to bed or not.  Some mothers feel that wearing a maternity bra even at night is necessary to keep their breastfeeding pads in place, some find wearing a bra to bed uncomfortable. If you think a maternity bra is uncomfortable, try opting for a special sleep bra.

How do I take care of my nursing bra?

It is best if you have at least 2-3 bras. You may need to change more frequently since your breasts may leak milk. To avoid milk leakage, check out our breastfeeding bamboo pads. This type of breastpads is not disposable and can be reused. Best of all, it has anti-bacterial properties which protect your nipples from possible infection.