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Treatments for Breastfeeding Problems

Are you having some breastfeeding issues? If yes, then this article will help you find out what treatments are available for some breastfeeding problems.


Engorgement can be prevented by making sure that your baby latches on well and is drinking well from the beginning.  But in case your breasts become engorged, wait for 2-3 days and the engorgement will itself die down without needing any further treatment. Even if your breasts are engorged, you should make it a point to continuously breastfeed your baby.
However, if you think the engorgement of your breasts are severe to the point that it’s giving you extreme discomfort then try using cabbage leaves to decrease the engorgement. You can also try using ice packs or other treatments but cabbage leaves prove to be the most effective in reducing the swelling of your breasts. Who would have thought cabbage leaves could be so useful!

  • Crush the cabbage leaves using a rolling pin if the leaves cannot accommodate your entire breast.
  • Wrap the leaves around your breast and let it stay for around 20-30 minutes. Repeat twice a day until the swelling subsides.

Herbs to Increase Your Supply

Some plants contain pharmacologic agents similar to Maxilon and Motillium in Australia. If you don’t want to ingest drugs such as the ones mentioned above, you can use herbs to increase your milk supply. The only good thing about using herbs is that the baby is less likely to suffer from any side effects. Try to get a hold of Fenugreek or Blessed Thistle and follow the dosages per the pack.

If you are hesitant to use these herbs, it’s better if you just consult with a naturopath. Other plants that can increase your milk supply are raspberry leaf, fennel, and brewer’s yeast. Keep in mind though that the effectiveness of these herbs is not yet proven.

Nipple Ointment

It has been said again and again that the best treatment for nipple soreness is prevention. If your baby is in a correct position when breastfeeding and if they latch on well then nipple soreness can be prevented. But in case you experience nipple soreness then ointments such as Lanolin can be useful. Regardless of the ointment prescribed, ensure that you apply the ointment sparingly after each feed. Once you feel better, gradually decrease the application of the ointment until you don’t need it anymore.