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Why Bamboo Breast Pads Are The Best Choice For Breastfeeding Mums

Motherhood brings to mind a number of pleasant experiences. Any new or experienced mum would surely appreciate and treasure the moments when they cuddle their sleeping baby close and breathe in the clean smells of cotton and soap, the times when the baby grips its mother’s finger in its tiny hands with all the strength a tiny baby can muster, or the nights when a baby settles into sleep in its crib and indescribably assumes a sleeping position characteristic of either the mother or the father. During these quiet, tender moments, mothers get to savour the wonder of beholding a perfect little creature that is so tenderly fragile and trusting in its mother’s ability to nourish and provide for its needs.

Breastfeeding is yet another experience that most mothers would be excited to begin, but many will quickly realise that there are certain issues involved in this practice that can be considered uncomfortable or undesirable. Breast milk can leak from the breasts during times when the mother is not nursing; sometimes, walking through the shops for a quick errand and hearing a baby crying somewhere close by can cause milk to flow uncontrollably, or merely thinking about the baby in the other room can trigger the reflex. Constant exposure to wetness can cause nipples to become sore or even cracked, making the breastfeeding experience difficult and uncomfortable. Many women have found that breast pads are ideal for keeping the fluid away from the skin, but they can’t be made from just any type of fabric. Bamboo breast pads work best in keeping mothers clean, dry, and comfortable during their nursing phase.

Breast pads in the market come in washable and disposable variants. Disposable breast pads often come with anti-slip materials or plastic layers to keep the pads in place on the breasts and prevent leaking. While disposable pads are considered by some to be the more convenient option because there’s no need to spend time washing and reusing pads, they can be uncomfortable to wear because they stick to the skin and the plastic material can trap moisture and may cause infection on the breast or the nipples.Washable pads, on the other hand, are often made to be form-fitting and thin or thick enough to be worn for either light or heavy flows of breast milk at different times of the day. Breast pads made with bamboo fabric in particular are especially favourable because they are soft and highly absorbent—approximately 60% more absorbent than regular cotton. The softness provides comfort for already sore breasts and the material naturally draws moisture away from the skin; it’s also important to note that bamboo fabric has anti-bacterial properties and is hypoallergenic, meaning it will not irritate the skin or hold odours. What’s more, breast pads made with bamboo are 100% biodegradable and pesticides are not required in growing the material.

Choosing the best products for the baby’s benefit can also mean making the best choices for the mother as well. Breastfeeding becomes an even healthier and more nourishing activity for mothers and babies when breast pads that provide comfort, safety, and overall protection are used.


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